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“Get rid of the middle man and buy direct!
Currently greater than 50% of dental laboratories use off-shore laboratory services to produce components and/or complete dental laboratory services such as crown, bridge, single PFG, complete dentures, partials and frameworks, etc. U.S. dental laboratories, also, refer laboratory services, as partial frameworks, crown cores, etc. to domestic laboratories, in order to take financial advantage of price and volume discounts.
Unfortunately for us dentists, the discount in production costs for the laboratories are rarely passed on, so we continue to pay the full costs of the laboratory services. Often dental laboratories even hire financial managers to “help” us keep up to date on our debts to them.
“Control your laboratory costs and no longer feel like the victim”
“Feel like a winner every time you pay a lab bill”
“Everyone in the office suddenly feels smart when the paying the bill comes around”
Occasionally in my practice, I have patients who can afford to pay the full fee for my services. When this occurs higher laboratory costs are in line when patients are part of the top 20% of dental clients who can afford to pay cash for dental services. As dentists we all get excited with patients who can really afford our services.
“Save and invest the difference between what you used to pay for lab services and what you save in the future by outsourcing”
Unfortunately most of my dental patients, 80%, have dental insurers and other forms of capitation as third party payers. These third parties control my fees, by limiting services and prices contractually. As dentists we accept the insurers and their policies as smart. Right!  If you drop patients with too restrictive insurers, patients are price sensitive and will readily seek other dentists.
“Both insurers and patients make business decisions and are considered smart, why can’t we do business the same way?”


Do dental laboratories discount their lab fees to the dentist depending on whether the case was that
 of a cash customer, insured customer, or the occasional charity case?
“No! They make sound business decisions”
ChinaSense has created a blog to share opinions on philosophical issues as ethics, integrity, personal missions, etc. Hopefully we can grow from sharing with each other in this industry. The blog will allow discussion of the pros and cons of dental insurance. The blog will allow for information gathering and a source of research and validation of dental outsourcing. 
“Were you discounted by the laboratory for case volume each month?”
“Did you negotiate your laboratory service fees?”
ChinaSense has done the research for laboratory quality, certification, and experience for you. The blog will act as quality control (quality circle) focal point of feed-back between the laboratory and prescribing dentists, dentist-dentist case evaluation, and laboratory-dentist-dental industry. 
“No more guesswork!”
ChinaSense will conduct ongoing online surveys designed to research customer satisfaction. The customer will be defined as the laboratory, dentist, patient, and dental office staff. ChinaSense’s research will be used to determine the efficacy of dental laboratory outsourcing.
As dentists, we can provide guidance and influence to our outsourced dental laboratory, showing directions of quality, service, and price.
“Did you ask your current dental laboratory to disclose all of its certifications?”
ChinaSense’s goals are to create affordable, profit producing, dental laboratory services, and to provide the highest standards of care for our patients through transparency.
“Did your current laboratory compete with other laboratories for your business?”
“A business decision is made from the gathering of and use of all the available information and transparency regarding a business”


Click for a much larger photoChinaSense has identified an outstanding full service dental laboratory in China dental outsourcing. As participating dentists, we will provide quality control through blog feedback and online surveys. China dental outsourcing will respond to the demands of its customers. Through direct communication with ChinaSense by blog discussions, China dental outsourcing will respond to our group demands and will respond to our unique individual requests.
See quality certifications CDO:
Our contact person is Mr. Peter Coa, Chief Financial Officer. Peter is from Indiana and is an American citizen. In Peter you will find extensive knowledge of the dental profession. Peter is also eager to accommodate your requests. Peter will monitor the ChinaSense blog and surveys and respond to feedback from participating dentists. Peter’s concern for CDO’s is meeting the dentists’ requirements and better service in order to increase CDO’s laboratory performance.


The economy in the United States has changed for the worse. Other industries have made the necessary adaptations to the current economic environment. Dentists can adapt to the current as well to improve the wellbeing of the dental profession, while improving patient care. Corporate dentistry has already begun making major changes to its financial model by outsourcing supplies, laboratory services, and contemplating outsourcing patient scheduling and front office administrative functions.
ChinaSense’s Inc. development strategy is to meet the demands of dental experts, improving the quality of products, and services. By placing dentists in more control of laboratory function of their practices, dentists can actively take part in determining their future financial success.
“Compare the fees for laboratory services of CDO with that of your current laboratory”

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